Saturday 29 June 2013

Kanebo Sensai Silky Bronze SPF50 Sun Protective Cream for Face!

What summer would be without a high sun protection? Knowing that I will be exposed to the sun I packed Sensai Silky Bronze Sun Protective Cream for Face. This one has a very high SPF50, which is practically a sun block. It also comes in SPF10, 20, and 30. On the face it is good to wear a very high sun protection to avoid premature skin ageing, pigmentation and other skin damages. When you see women with very deep wrinkles most probably they enjoyed the sun but didn't protect their skin. Although sun and Vitamin D are vital for the health and skin, it is still very important that you also protect your skin from the sun! 

Firstly I was a little confused by the Silky Bronze title as I thought it has a bronzy finish and would give you that immediate bronzed glowy skin while protecting you from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. However, the cream is white and doesn't have a bronzy tint to it. Silky Bronze simply means that you will end up with a silky smooth bronze tan after wearing this SPF while exposed to the sun. This SPF is highly resistant to perspiration and water, however you should still be careful and reply it ever so often.

Sensai skincare is pretty amazing from my experience, and so is this SPF cream for face. It is packed with powerful ingredients and the formulation is pretty amazing. While it protects your skin from the harmful sun rays it also has anti-ageing properties. Barrier Power Booster, Hyaluronate/Collagen Booster, and Apricot Essence Complex all care for skin working in conjunction to provide the skin with moisture, keeping it hydrated and firm reducing the appearance of fine lines resulting in a youthful and lustrous skin. 

While Peach Seed Extract combats the dullness of the skin and also pigment spots from within, creating a beautiful naturally even skin tone. Pretty amazing SPF! Oh and did I mention the delicious delicate peach and apricot scent?!


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