Thursday 27 June 2013

Summer Haircare: Beach Waves!

These are the three main haircare products that I use during summer to style my hair with. The hair style that I go for most of the time during the hot season is beach waves because it's so effortless and easy to do. After I wash my hair while it's still damp I apply Percy & Reed No Oil Oil for fine hair right into the roots and middle length, it gives my hair a gentle lift. Then I spray the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, it's a salt spray that gives you that sexy seawater+sun matte-ish texture separating hair into strands. 

And finally after my hair is dry I spray through the Paul & Joe Body & Hair Mist to keep my hair smelling gorgeous and to give it a little bit of shine. The subtle scent of orange flowers is truly delicious, a citrusy uplifting summer scent! When I was on the fright I read this article about hair scents becoming a new trend. There is something about hair that makes a scent last longer than skin does! Remember that scene in SATC Movie 2 when Carrie sprays a fragrance into her hair at the flamboyant wedding of Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marentino?!


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