Sunday 16 June 2013

Sleep-In Rollers Review & How To!

Hey Beauties, hope you had a lovely weekend! If you follow me on Instagram you probably remember me posting a sneak pic wearing these Sleep-In Rollers for a Brigitte Bardot inspired hair look. Before writing this review I wanted to try these rollers in a couple of different ways and let you know how they work. In a nut-shell these are rollers you put on before going to bed, and wake up with an amazing volume. The first time I tried them I washed my hair in the evening and after drying it I put these in. The set I have comes with 20 rollers and 20 bobby pins, I think it's the classic set, but these rollers also come in different colours, have a look on their website: 

I had them on for about four hours and then tried to sleep with them but I just couldn't. I'm a bad sleeper as it is and having practically an air-bag attached to your head didn't make it easier for me. I wouldn't have a problem having a quick day nap with them on, but having a full nights sleep would be quite a challenge. But obviously you don't have to sleep in them, but you can if you want as they are soft, inside the rollers there is a sponge. And already after about four hours I had a massive volume boost right at the crown and also a soft wave. This lasted right upto the morning, and even the day after. Then I also decided to try them on just for an hour as I was getting ready for an event. And that worked beautifully as well! 

They are really easy to use, separate your hair into three main parts, firstly doing the middle part, then the sides securing the hair with a bobby pin. If you have a fringe then obviously leave it out like I did in the first pic, if you don't then do as normal as I did in the second pic. It takes me just over five minutes to quickly roll all the hair. Then after you take the rollers out generously spray the hair with a hairspray to keep the volume for longer and off you go! I really enjoyed them, there is something so classic and glamorous of having your hair up in rolls while doing your make-up or painting your nails, reminds me of the 50s movies...



  1. Hello ALyona!!! I really love your blog, you have a pretty nice sense of make up colors!! i have been following your blog and other pages for a long while now!! im a 19 year old girl who isnt too much experienced with make up!! i always wondered if i could meet you in person and just ask you tons of questions! i would love to meet you since i live in New York.
    Would you like to contact me?
    eager to hear from you!

    -Lineidy Aimee

    1. Hi Lineidy Aimee,
      sorry it took me a while to respond, had a very busy month. I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog, I'm passionate about beauty and happy to share my experience and knowledge! I am from London, so it@s quite far from NY, but if I shall come visit one day I'll let you know :) xox

  2. WOAH i didnt get notified for this!!! im so sad it took me long to reply to this, i was hoping you would email me haha, but again if you come sometime it would be awesome.!
    have a lovely one!!