Tuesday 4 June 2013

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel - Holy Grail Skincare Treatment!

Hey beauties, hope you all are enjoying the beginning of summer! What a beautiful day it was here in London, I even got half an hour in the sunshine trying hard to not touch my phone and just enjoy the summer while it lasts, never know what tomorrow will be like...

I have previously mentioned my love to Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel facial mask, I had a small sample bottle and I just finished it last week! So here, immediately to replace, is the full-size! This has become a holy grail in my skincare routine, one of those products I would repurchase over and over. I have oily/combo skin type and was suffering form acne for 2 and a half years as my skin is quite lazy and I easily get blocked pores, so for me regular exfoliation has become a must-have and saviour! Enzymes are fantastic for clearing out pores and rejuvenating skin, getting rid of the top layer of dead skin and kick starting the renewing cell process. 

The reason I particularly love this Papaya Enzyme Peel, is because I find it quite gentle on my skin, yet very effective. I use this facial about once a week or once every couple of weeks, depending on how my skin is feeling. Although it is gentle, it still is an enzyme peel so don't leave it on for more than 10-15 minutes and don't over-abuse the usage! Also very important especially now in the summer, don't forget to wear a high SPF after using enzymes if you will be going into the sun. I personally never would have this type of facial in the morning or during the day, to me it's a strictly night skin treatment, and still protect your skin especially thoroughly next day! Oh and it smells gorgeous too, just like a Pina Colada!


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