Wednesday 26 June 2013

Tara Smith Vegan Haircare Shine On Tool Kit!

This is an old-ish pic of me and Tara Smith [taken in December 2012],
I have changed my hair since, it's a few shades lighter and I am finally growing out my bangs, woohoo!

Back in December last year I met Tara Smith herself at the press event for her vegan haircare products launch! Tara Smith is a celebrity hairstylist to a crazy long list of famous people including Demi Moor, Jerry Hall, and Kristen Davis. She has also styled the hair of the Sex And The City girls and many many others. So it was an honour to meet Tara, she is a big character and a lovely woman who cares about the environment which is reflected in her products! In my goodie bag I had this Shine On Tool Kit, which I haven't tried until yesterday. I'm actually happy I kept it till now, as the packaging is summer-perfect!

Firstly this little kit is a perfect travel size, you get a 50ml shampoo, 50ml conditioner, and 20ml serum. And since I have had my hair highlighted for the summer going blonder my hair feels quite dry at the moment. So I thought this is a great opportunity to finally try this kit! For those who wonder what Vegan Haircare is, it just means that it was not tested on animals! And I love the packaging, looks beautiful in the bathroom and quite different to your regular conventional sham & cond. After meeting Tara I realised that the stunning parrots and exotic birds packaging fit Tara's flamboyant personality perfectly! My hair got quite tangled after the shampoo but that's probably because it's so dehydrated right now. The serum is lightweight and makes my hair really pretty and shiny, and the scent is lovely too!


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