Wednesday 26 June 2013

New Bobbi Brown Tube Tint Lipgloss in All Shades!

 Bobbi Brown Tube Tint, shades from L to R: 
17 Pink Cloud; 22 Air Kiss; 5 Naked; 17 Bronzed Pink

Bobbi Brown Tube Tints are the perfect lip product for the summer, they are new, effortless and come in cute shades! I find that although this lip product comes only in four shades they are super flattering and would suit most if not all complexions. They are so pretty in fact, that I wouldn't even be able to pick a favourite, yes they are that good! The brightest of them all is Pink Cloud, it has enough colour to give you freshness yet isn't too bright of a pink.  I find this one makes the white in my eyes even whiter and gives me an over-all brighter complexion. Air Kiss is the perfect nude bare lip, my lips but better type of colour, perfect for medium or pale complexions. Naked is a perfect nude for darker skin tones, equally looks beautiful on any other skin tone, a nude with a touch of colour. And finally the beautiful Bronzed Pink, it's a shimmery toffee bronze goddess classic summer shade that every girl should have in her make-up collection anyway. Apart from the shades being so pretty, I love the texture, it's absolutely non-sticky and it seems to moisturise my lips beautifully as I tend to get dry lips in a hot climate. It's summer perfection!


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