Wednesday 12 June 2013

Oliver Bonas Jewellery New Summer Picks!

Oliver Bonas Pink Darina leather studded bracelet £18.00
Oliver Bonas Green wrap around studded bracelet £19.50
Oliver Bonas Neon Pink earrings £9.00
Available at!

Hey Beauties! Here are some fantastic new summer jewellery picks from Oliver Bonas I wanted to share with you. These wrist wrap bracelets are a-mazing, I'm obsessed with them. The pink one has a cool clasp buckle and is a double wrap bracelet, I love the hot pink, it will look awesome with a bit of a tan as it is so bright it's almost glowing. I also really like the green wrist wrap which is thinner and longer, my wrists are super slim so I get it five times around, but for most people it would be four. They also come in other colours, but these are pretty on trend right now! I love the gold detailing on both bracelets! They look great stacked together, or paired up with a chunky watch for a great armswag! And also the cute neon pink earrings are super fan to wear with a bun with a nice summer dress. So this summer you will probably see me wear these lots! Thanks Carly at Oliver Bonas! xox


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