Wednesday 5 June 2013

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder!

I have seen quite a few bloggers rave about this Bumble and bumble Hair Powder and have finally tried it myself! It's a dry shampoo in White and Blondish, there is also one for brown hair and one for black hair. The White Hair Powder is the classic, and I love the texture it gives you in-between hair washes. The other day my hair for some reason looked very flat and roots were getting greasy so I sprayed the Hair Powder and next day my hair looked literally lifted up with dry and clean feeling roots! From all the dry shampoos I have tried I must say this one seems to work best. As far as scent goes, it reminds me of a full-on hairspray, I wish it had a nicer scent, apart from that it's a fab dry shampoo! Also because I have highlights I decided to try the Blondish Hair Powder as well, if you have grown out roots this actually comes in handy as it has a darkish blond natural looking tint to it. If you are into dry shampoos I'd really recommend you try this one.

UPDATE: The Blondish Hair Powder does stain the pillow cases, but washes out fine. Also it gets a little messy when washing the hair, so I would recommend using it only if you want to lighten up the roots and want some extra bit of blonde tint.


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