Friday 9 August 2013

How To Get Your Lips To Look Beautiful and Healthy with Lush!

Essie The Girls Are Out is a perfect match to Lush Liquid in Passionate <3 span="">

I've been meaning to blog about these gorgeous Lush lip products for a while. I have been sent this package by Lush for to celebrate the International Kissing Day back in July. They have kindly included three products to get that perfect luscious summery hot pink lip! Three steps to a beautiful and healthy looking lip:

1. A lip scrub is something I have started using couple of years ago, and in fact my first lip scrub ever was the Bubblegum flavoured one also by Lush. This has literally changed my life, what a tiny pot of a lip scrub can do! The one Lush has sent me [pictured above] is the mint chocolate flavoured. The scent reminds me so much of the After Eight sweets. You just scoop out like half a pea size [this little jar will last you forever, in fact I still have my first Bubblegum lip scrub]. Massage it onto your lips thoroughly, this will remove any dry skin and give you that incredibly baby skin smooth healthy looking lip. Tip: if you find the Lush Lip Scrub starting to dry up [that won't happen any time soon!] just add a few drops of water and get it back to a softer consistency. It is sugar based so basically it won't go off.

2. After exfoliating your lips with a lips scrub it is always important to follow up with a lip balm, this will nourish them, keeping them soft. Lush Lip Service comes in a cute screw metal tin. It has Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Tangerine Oil and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to keep your lips super smooth and crack-free. It has a really natural scent, a mixture of olive oil and citrus. 

3. Once these two steps are done, your lips are prepped and ready for a lip product of your choice, be it a lipstick, lipgloss, or lipstain it will look a million times better on freshly buffed and exfoliated perky lips! I have tried the Liquid Lipsticks back when they were first launched. And I actually picked this shade: Passionate as one of my favourites, so thank you so much SarahJane for sending it to me!! The colour is incredibly vibrant and hot and summery, even though we are entering autumn pretty soon I still love wearing hot pink lips with black outfits, so I definitely will be wearing it in the colder season too! This shade is perfect for events and special occasions, it definitely makes an impact. Passionate is an almost glowing cool toned hot pink with blue shimmer - it's just stunning! And the consistency is pretty amazing too, super pigmented. No scent. 

Lush make-up range has a colour psychology behind it, every colour is meant to make you feel a certain way. So if there is a colour you gravitate to it means that's how you feel. Passionate means 'Feel Strongly'! Equally if you feel a little down, a colour like this would pick your spirit up. Such a cute concept!


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