Tuesday 13 August 2013

New BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Review + Polkadot Nailart Look!

 Bottom to Top: Guava, Blueberry, Greenberry, Lychee

 Shade: Lychee

Shade: Blueberry

Blueberry [L] & Lychee [R]

Last time I went to Boots with a friend who is visiting, to introduce her to some British beauty brands. BarryM was of course one of them! This summer they have launched their new jelly nailpolish range and I decided to finally try them. I must say we were standing there for ages unable to make up our minds in terms of which shades we should pick in order to avoid walking away with the entire collection. So in the end I chose Lychee - a flattering nude, Blueberry - French blue, Greenberry - a minty green, and Guava - true teal! I almost feel sad that I picked up these shades so late in the summer, these are my ultimate summer colours, the turquoises, the teals, the mints... just love them! 

The texture of them is pretty awesome, two coats look beautiful and perfect on, and they definitely do need two thick coats! The finish is super glossy, on the pictures you can see how shiny my nails look - and that is without a topcoat! It lasts for a few days looking perfect. And of course colours are super pigmented and very juicy!! 

So here is how I created this cute polkadot nailart look. Firstly, I applied two coats of Lychee and then using the second biggest end of a dotting tool, if you want to see my new Cheeky dotting tools click here to see the previous nailart look - after dipping the dotting tool into a drop of Blueberry I started dotting the polkadots along the middle of the nail and then shifting the dots on the sides. Always finish off with a topcoat to keep nailart looking good for longer. This look is super easy and quick, great for beginners! Tip: if you don't have dotting tools you can use a head of a pin instead.



  1. Love the Blueberry and the Greenberry!! Beautiful colors!

  2. Have you done a nail care post? Your nails are enviable!

    1. Ha! Thanks Niki :) I did, here is the first one that got my nails to grow, helps to kick start the process: http://www.infashionlove.com/2013/03/how-to-make-your-nails-grow-healthy.html

      and now I moved onto just OPI Nail Envy [the original], I don't want to jinx it but seriously I haven't had a nail breakage situation in months!! they grow strong, all I do is just cut them shorter every couple of weeks! have a look at the blogpost I did on OPI Nail Envy too, I explain there how I use it I don't use it systematically even and it still works: http://www.infashionlove.com/2013/04/opi-original-nail-envy-maximum-strenght.html

      from my own experience I think you first need to make sure your body has the right vitamins to grow healthy nails and then support them with things like good base coats etc. anyways hope it helps! xox