Friday 16 August 2013

New Hair: from very long and tired to fresh and healthy!



The inspo I took to show my hairstylist: Jaime King and Heidi Klum
[shoulder length  + different textures]

Hey beauties! I always get a lot of questions asked about my hair so I decided to do a blogpost on this subject. Firstly I should explain that I had long hair for over a decade and only once during that time I had cut a very short bob [which I really was regretting afterwards]. But for years and years I really enjoyed growing out my hair and just getting the ends trimmed once in a while. I absolutely loved wearing long hair. But this summer I turned the big 30, and I have no idea what happened but I started craving a massive change in everything, including my long hair. 

Besides that I learnt never to get my hair done while on vacation. The girl that did my highlights ended up being a total amateur, she completely fried my hair to such an extend that I ended up wearing a bun every single day for a month! The hair was so damaged that it literally was sticking up like straw in all directions looking absolutely horrific, which was so frustrating because although I had fresh highlights done I no longer could enjoy wearing my hair down, I hated even touching it let alone seeing it!

So one afternoon I decided it was time to wave goodbye to my 20s and my long hair and embrace my 30s with a new hair style! I googled a few images and the beautiful Jaime King and Heidi Klum shoulder length hair styles seemed really appealing. I wanted something that would be super quick to style and also it was important to have the flexibility to style the hair either wild and textured or glossy and sexy. So it wasn't something I've been contemplating for a long time, I just went with it. Booked the appointment at my local Trevor Sorbie salon, and bam! 

Tom did a fantastic job, he got me straight away. There wasn't a second of regret of having half the length of my hair chopped off. In fact right the opposite, I came out feeling fresh, amazing and ready to take the world by its balls...  Remember when Carrie gets her curls cut off and gets a new job, and her life takes a new turn, a more grown up turn, nonetheless she still remained herself that witty and flirty Carrie but sexier, more successful, more confident. It's interesting how a haircut sometimes can almost transform a woman's life. 

You can see how my hair looked before I left to the salon, and then Tom styled it to have a bit of a wave in it and lots of volume. But I tried doing different things since like curling, blowdrying with a round brush, or not doing anything to it at all other than letting it dry naturally and everything seems to work beautifully. I certainly didn't feel like it was a hairstyle I had to adjust to, it felt like me instantly. Now it just feels like I wore this hair for years, in a way it feels more sophisticated and suits my lifestyle much better! I love it, thanks Tom!



  1. I just cut 6 inches off my hair and it felt great. I think you look so good with the shorter hair. You stand out more. I swear it seems like everyone has the same hair sometimes. You looks so pretty! Just found your blog. Love reading it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Holly! It really felt good!! :) It feels fresher and younger with shorter hair, doesn't it?! xox