Saturday 10 August 2013

How To Create Quick Nail Art Flower Print with Dotting Tools!

These are my first nailart dotting tool I have ordered off Amazon, they are only £3.99(!!), which is amazing considering the quality and how pretty they look. You get five double sided dotting tools in a sleek pouch, which is great for travelling! The brand is called Cheeky and I'm totally obsessed with these, like crazy obsessed!

To create this flower design, I used four Essie colours and for the thumb nail I have also added grey polka-dots in between the flowers. As a base I'm wearing two coats of Chanel Nail Colour in 08 Pirate, a beautiful deep red which I think gives the flowers a decadent edge. Then I chose two colours for the flowers, one for the petals and the other for the centre. Taking the purple dotting tool I used the larger end to create pink petals with Essie We're In It Together. It's a very pretty pink with blue and purple fine glitter which stand out beautifully on a red base. Then I also placed one dot of Essie Cute As A Button in the middle of each flower. 

For the leaves I used two shades to create a sense of dimension. Using the smaller end of the purple dotting tool I added two dots of Mojito Madness next to each other. To create a leave shape you just pull the tool slightly and get that elongated pointed shape. I chose Essie The More The Merrier, a lighter green to go just in the middle of the leaves. And on the thumb I also applied random grey polka-dots with Essie Maximillian Strasse Her

Tip: when using dotting tools do one colour at a time on all nails before moving onto the next colour, this way the nailpolish won't dry out as fast. Dip your dotting tool only into fresh nailpolish, as soon as it starts getting tacky it can mess up the dots, so make sure to add a new drop of nailpolish as soon as it starts to dry out. 


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