Monday 26 August 2013

YSL Marrakesh Sunset Palette from Summer 2013 Collection!

Hey Beauties! As I have already mentioned on Instagram I have purchased this beautiful YSL Marrakesh Sunset Palette from the Summer 2013 Collection back in June as an early B-Day present to myself. But because it's so stunning I almost was scared to mess it up by using it, it's silly but you know what I mean. This palette, as are all YSL 5 Colour Eye Shadow palettes, is pretty expensive but they are so stunning that I can't help myself and break the bank on occasion when the palette is extraordinarily stunning as is this Summer's Marrakesh Sunset palette! The Limited Edition palettes always have a different and opulent design, which makes them a real beauty collector's item! 

The palette has five colours, all are very shimmery to replicate the Moroccan decadence and glamour. There is a brown shade with multi coloured shimmers, underneath it there is a peach with pink and silver shimmers, across it there is the gold with pink and gold shimmers, and above it there is the purple with blue and purple shimmers, and finally in the middle the highlighter is a cream with gold, silver and pink shimmers. It is really hard to pick up the exact shimmers with a naked eye as they are super finely milled, but the purple shade seems to be the most sparkling and glitter packed! A beauty look wearing the eyeshadows from this palette is coming soon.


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