Wednesday 28 August 2013

Essie Head Mistress and Skin Art!

Available at Boots for £4.99

Hey Beauties! I'm sure I have featured Essie Head Mistress before, but it is one of my best loved reds, it's a deep sexy red that speaks for itself. Also I get often asked about my fake tattoos, everyone keeps thinking they are real, so I decided to feature these Skin Art tattoos again! I don't have a real tattoo yet, kind of scared to commit to one full-time. But with these temporary tattoos I literally can do whatever I want because they will get off! They last a couple of days depending how careful you are and where you apply them, hands and fingers tend to last just for the occasion as washing hands makes them go off quicker. But on the neck or somewhere like that they will definitely last longer. 

Skin Art tattoos come in different themes like the I'm a Dreamer, which has more images like feathers and birds which is what I'm wearing [one of the small birds], and In Your Own Words, which has letters and words you can create sentences with or names, or unique words and be creative with it. I think fake tattoos are a great concept, if you want to get a real tattoo and want to get a preview of what it would look like or feel like to avoid regrets. Or generally if you are a creative soul and love the look of tattoos but don't want to commit - they are pretty awesome!


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