Wednesday 23 January 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar K, Renovating Care for Oily Skin!

Following the current London cult, which Ruth Crilly [amodelrecommends] started when she featured La Roche-Posay Effaclar K on her youtube channel I think back in December or maybe even end of November, I have also started using it... Now this skincare product is featured by most beauty lovers, so many great reviews, everyone is absolutely loving it! And I am happy I gave it a go, what it does is it helps to take care of blemishes as well as helping to fade away the scars left behind... Which is fantastic for irregular skin texture, oily skin type or acne prone skin, as it helps to unblock pores... 

It's great because you can use it day and night all over the face, I only use in the morning as a moisturiser and make-up base, which is enough for me... It's fantastic as not many exfoliating creams also moisturise your skin and I certainly need it during winter! I've used Effaclar K for over a week now and can see a big improvement, my skin is visibly clearer and more radiant...The magic ingredient is retinol [a fantastic anti-ageing ingredient]! It's a great exfoliant, LHA combined with retinol helps to protect skin against future relapse, which is awesome! 

And if you wonder what retinol is: "Derivatives of vitamin A, such as tretinoin and retinol, work to increase cell turnover and exfoliation by stimulating cell production underneath the skin. This process slows down with age, allowing layers of dead, thick, sun damaged skin cells to remain on the surface. As a result - skin looks dull and thick, pores look large and sun-related damage such as age spots and blotchiness appear."

LHA is: "Beta-lipohydroxy [LHA] works in a manner similar to salicylic acid in the treatment of acne. It possesses potent comedolytic (ability to unblock pores). And in a study conducted by La Roche Posay, it was shown to decrease the bacterial concentration inside the follicles (area below the pore)." 

Thank you Ruth!


  1. Well I need to get me some of this then :) I'm an oily nightmare!!
    I've heard great things recently about the Effaclar duo too, have you ever tried it hun? xxx

    1. I just looked through my posts because I definitely purchased the Effaclar Duo but for some reason I didn't review it, and having used so many different skincare products in the past couple of years I honestly can't remember my thoughts on it... But funny enough for the same reason I forgot I have already reviewed the Ehhaclar K over a year ago, and loved it back then, completely forgot how amazing it is! :)) So it's my second tube! xx