Friday 20 September 2013

Afternoon Tea with Flavien Abbas, Talking Fashion & Hair!

Flavien Abbas explains how to achieve LFW: SS14 Sleek Hair Trend

Flavien Abbas introduces his Touché by Flavien Oil Serum, which can be used
 on hair and skin, great for cuticles as well!

Touché  by Flavien Oil Serum - 100% natural ingredients!

Hey Beauties! Last night I met the wonderful and talented Flavien Abbas, who is the celebrity hairdresser extraordinaire, Senior Art Director for Harrods' Urban Retreat, and also  the creator of Touché by Flavien luxurious hair-care range, which I got introduced to. The range consists off Shampoo Collection: Dry Scalp, Oily Scalp, Normal Scalp. Conditioning Collection: Volume Up, Moisturising Repair, Intensive Nourishing Treatment, and Oil Serum. Styling Collection: Volumising Spray, Soft Control Cream, Sculpting Wax, Scalp Tonic, Leave In Conditioner.

The secret ingredient that Flavien chose to go into his Touché range is "opuntia ficus indica oil", which is the prickly pear oil, it's a very precious ingredient, as it takes a million seeds and 36 hours just to produce one litre of this super nutritious oil. Flavien believes that healthy hair foremost starts with a healthy scalp. Prickly pear contains double the amount of fatty acids, fibre and protein than argan oil. It is rich in natural vitamin E, a great antioxidant, and it has cell rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties, helping retain moisture, gloss and shine for beautiful and healthy hair.

Jasmine being my favourite floral note, I was very happy to find out that Touché by Flavien range has a Jasmine scent. Egyptian Jasmine to be exact, which is most luxurious and is usually found in perfumes! The black packaging is decadent, elegant, sleek and sexy [also unisex as obviously are the products], they become part of the décor. The golden label is inspired by Champagne, the region from which is the top bio-chemist who worked in conjunction with Flavien when creating the Touché by Flavien hair-care range. 

Being a SATC devotee I was very excited to find out from Flavien that Kim Cattrall, one of his clients, is a big fan of his Soft Control Cream for that perfect second-day finish, eliminating the freshly washed frizz and flyaways. Flavien also recommended the Soft Control Cream for that LFW sleek hair trend as seen on the runways this year.


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