Monday 16 September 2013

Appalling Customer Service at!

Hey Beauties! This is going to be slightly different to what I usually write about on my blog, but hence we all are true beauty junkies I thought this could be quite useful and could save you some time and hassle. So I decided to do a review on a website that sells beauty products and share my experience with their customer service. I was after two products by Urban Decay the De-Slick setting spray and the eyeshadow in Laced. After bit of googeling I chose and placed my first [and last] order, which was on the 24th August. I was happy to receive an email next day to inform me that my package was dispatched. The website promises to delivery within seven days in UK, I ordered from London. When by Monday last week i.e. the 9th of September I have still not received my package I decided to call customer service, which very inconveniently has short working hours from Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

And this is where the fun begins. Talking to a guy called Keiran who informed me that my package was apparently delivered by a courier on Friday the 6th  and signed by one of my neighbours called "Booth" - I was very surprised to hear that because no note was left in my letterbox so how was I supposed to know where my package was left. Even the fact that it was delivered on the 6th of September already was strange as the company promises the delivery within 7 days, not 12! And then obviously if your neighbour signs for your package they probably would try to give it back to you, but I haven't heard from anyone since my package was "delivered" [a total of four days]. Keiran assured me that I should speak to my neighbours, although I never heard of a neighbour called Booth, which I told him, he still said that it was signed by neighbour so it must be there! When I asked why the courier didn't however bother leaving a note, Keiran couldn't really answer that question nor did he seem to be much concerned about it.

So on Monday and Tuesday I was running around like an idiot leaving notes at my neighbours doors, and speaking to most of them, only to find out that no one ever heard of this mysterious Booth either. By Wednesday 11th Sep I called BeautyBay customer service again. This time speaking to Vicky, explaining the whole situation about the courier, she interestingly informed that it was not a courier who delivered it but in fact Royal Mail. What?! Then she suggested they will investigate and email me asap, I asked how long that could roughly take to which there was again no clear answer at all, not 24 hrs, not two days, not a week, just a simple 'asap' which could be anything really. 

I told Vicky that I'm a beauty blogger [secretly hoping that would speed things up] and that I actually needed to have these products on a certain date because I am working on schedule. But again that didn't really seem to be of an interest either. At this stage the package was taking over two weeks to reach me, wherever it was. So I suggested while they are investigating they should perhaps send me the package again, because it was clear to me wherever my package was it certainly wasn't with my neighbours. I kind of was hoping that customer service would suggest that to me, not me to them, however the order of the gesture it didn't really matter as the response to that was that I simply had to wait more while they investigate the case, until then they could not send me my package again. This was getting better by the minute. 

BeautyBay customer service close at 5pm so when next day by 4.30 I still haven't heard back from them I decided to call yet again, third time that week. On Thursday the 12th September, not sure who I spoke to this time and to be honest couldn't care less at this stage, I was told that they investigated and that it wasn't Royal Mail who delivered my package but in fact as originally stated the courier. Oh lord... Not only was it now evident how unprofessional the customer service was run but it also was getting super annoying too. Also the fact that I had to call them all the time to find out anything, rather than them reaching out trying to redeem the situation. They haven't bothered once to simply email me and let me know what was going on. So this time I was told that they have contacted the courier and that they are now waiting for him to respond. And again as soon as they have his response they will email me, which also had no specific time limitation. Of course by Friday 13th I heard nothing from them. 

So today Monday the 16th in the afternoon, still not having heard back from them, I called them yet again, this was the fourth time without a single email from them since Monday the 9th Sep. They certainly had my correct email as Vicky read it out to me on Wed, they just didn't bother. At this stage I was wondering how this company survives with such a poor customer service. So today I was told that they got the response back from the courier over the weekend, guess what, they didn't bother to email me, yet again. Truth be told I was just shocked at the appalling service and asked him why[??] they didn't email me, making me taking the time and calling them again instead, he carelessly said because they literally just got the response over the weekend during which they are closed, nevermind that they had half a day today to email me......

But it gets even better. He then decides to just drop it on me casually and tell me since they were trying to deliver the package on THREE different occasions, Friday being the last attempt my package was sent back to the depot and signed there by someone called Booth. Wow wow wow three occasion, where did that come from now?? Fascinating story, I must admit! Any question I'd ask like how comes they tried to deliver on three occasions and I find it out from him a week later after my first call - obviously not equipped with telepathic skills I had no idea without a single note [out of three] was left in my letterbox, how would anyone on earth possibly be aware of such a transparent delivery - he could not answer, moreover there was this casual carelessness, which was just unacceptable. So when I asked him, how soon can they send the package out again, he simply said it will be the same system, i.e. 'the seven days myth'. Seriously?! I was basically explained that it all happened because I was not at home on three occasions, so their inapt service is my fault now?? Really?? To which I finally had to draw the line and say - I'd like to have my money back!

I will let you decide what you think about this. But in my book unfortunately any company with such poor customer service is a write-off. I would never even consider ordering anything from them again and going through this absolute time-wasting process. From the day I ordered [24th Aug] to the day I asked for money back [16th Sep] - it's 24 days, almost a month! I guess what I find most shocking is that how blissfully unaware they are as a company of recession and that perhaps they should put slightly more effort into trying to keep you as customer happy and not being so indifferent and careless. They didn't try to redeem themselves once, and the only apology I ever received was only about the confusion who Booth was. That's it! A company that has no respect for their customers has no respect from me. Next time I will try and hope for a better service there!  Please leave your comments below I'd love to hear if you had any equally disappointing experience with


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