Friday 27 September 2013

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer!

Hey Beauties! Tweezerman tweezers are really the classic tweezers of all tweezers. I have been using my Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer that I got at Boots, for like 3-4 years. They are still in good shape, and ever since I got them I never even considered to try any other tweezer brand. They are fantastic quality, I love the design, they are super comfortable to hold and just seem to catch the hair perfectly each time. So I decided to try a new pair of Tweezerman Tweezers, the Slant Tweezer. These look super sleek and sexy, I love the stainless steel silver metal design. What makes Tweezerman Tweezers so special is that they are famous for their precision hand filed tips. And as you can see they won the Allure Best of Beauty 2012 Award!


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