Friday 11 January 2013

Birthday Dinner Long-Lasting Chocolaty Smokey Eye Look!

Hello lovelies! Trying to get back into the blogging rhythm here... First time in five days [or shall I say eternity] I could finally go outside today! As I'm not in my best shape yet I just took a short walk to get some groceries, and already that felt like an achievement... Feeling much better otherwise, Chickenpox spots have all crusted over obviously hence I could face the world... For some really odd reason one of my wisdom tooth started having a fit, giving me two days of pain... So I'm on painkillers for that now! Hopefully nothing too bad with the tooth and we can all co-insist! Anyways I can no longer think about spots or pain, so lets talk about beauty, which is a much more pleasant subject matter! 

This is the look I wore for my cousins birthday, which btw was exactly a day before I started feeling sick... So, I knew I wanted a smokey eye, and I wanted something really warm and chocolaty on my eyes... When creating this look I had Keira Knightley in my mind, I love how she wears warm brown smokey eyes, it never looks over done but at the same time it's a pretty sultry look... 

First as a base I applied MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist and the MAC Pigment in Copper all over and just where I wanted a little more depth like in the outer v I blended in a bit of the Chocolate Brown pigment... MAC Pigments are really fun to use, they are super intense and feel almost silky when applying and I find that they just stay put, which is always a great choice for any event! Just make sure to use a flat brush, the way you apply loose pigments is just by laying them over the lid not blending them back and forth as that will cause the fall-out and give you extra clearing up work to do... 

I also used a very long lasting black kohl, I believe it was Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Noir Intense, this kohl never lets me down no matter what! I applied it on the waterline and under the lower lash-line smudging it... And on top of the lash-line I have also applied it messily but then to blend it in I also went over with a bit of Copper pigment to intensify the copper shade and to avoid having too much black...

In true Keira Knightley fashion I kept the lips nude, using Chanel Glossimer in 297, a very pretty nude with golden glitter... Oh and you can see how long lasting the make up is, as I forgot to take pics of my look before leaving so I took them after I returned, which was probably five-six hours later... Yep pretty long lasting eye make-up! 



  1. Hmmm I don't have constructivist but I'm feeling like I need it now :) I got Guerlain Turandot on Friday and I adore it but I feel like I need a darker base, constructivist could be the one.
    It's good to see you blogging again Hun, I hope you're not doing anything to strenuous, you'll need to keep rested for a while.
    I hope you're feeling much more yourself. Oh and by the way what a fabulous skirt, I just adore anything sparkly xx

    1. Thanks darling, I figured I should wear the skirt since it feels like soon I won't be able to get into it, it gets tighter each time I try it on :((

      And Constructivist was a funny one for me, when I got it first I found it hard to blend, this was few years ago when I had no decent brushes and was just getting into the whole beauty world addiction.. So I gave it away to my mom, but last year I tried it at hers, and had to nick it as she wasn't using it much... Hope she didn't notice... :))) xx