Thursday 17 January 2013

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite, The Professional Detangling Hairbrush!

Now that's an awesome invention, thank you Shaun P! Been enjoying this baby for almost a month... Got it right before Christmas when I had my hair done... I found an amazing colourist at my local Trevor Sorbie Hairsalon in Hampstead, and he used the Tangle Teezer when brushing my wet hair, I loved it immediately! Seriously it drove me crazy when in all the previous hairsalons they would drag a regular hairbrush through my tangled hair with that awful sound, braking it and leaving me with that terrible frizz... Tangle Teezer is absolutely brilliant! I wanted to get it for a while but in my Boots they didn't have the Salon Elite edition... The Tangle Teezer comes in different colours and sizes... Salon Elite is the regular size but has more fun colours, like a bright orange and this beautiful ocean blue... 

First time I spotted the Tangle Teezer Salon Elite was when I was on my way home walking past a Toni & Guy Hairsalon in Hampstead... I went in to check them out, but the behind-the-counter girl was so rude including the random looking hairdresser with crap hair that there was no way I would purchase anything from that place... I was aware that Toni & Guy had no vision or style, and in general stayed somewhat behind in the 90s but that they also had rude employers was a new unpleasant discovery... Definitely not my type of place... These things can put you off so much so that you even stop purchasing their haircare products in general... 

When I get a fantastic service and get to talk to super cool people at Trevor Sorbie that's where I'll be spending my money, because you leave feeling and looking amazing! So yeh, after my new colourist used it on me I knew I had to get it... I also love the design of the Tangle Teezer, it's sleek and stylish... You can use it on dry or wet hair, I never brush my hair when it's dry, but on wet hair it is a-mazing!! I also got my friend one, I think it was the original, in navy with glitter... It's one of those things you want to tell all your friends about or even get them one! 



  1. I've been lusting after this for so long, I think you've just pushed me over the edge :)
    I kept thinking "it's just a brush" but it seems to be so much more than that, I want the pink one for sure.
    Thank you for being an enabler yet again xxx