Friday 18 January 2013

Dead Sea Genuine Bath Salts!

What a beautiful day it's been! In the early afternoon I peeled myself away from my desk, left the laptop at home and decided to embrace the beloved Heath... It was beautiful, everything covered in snow... I feel like a kid when it's snowing, super excited... What I long for on a crispy night like this is a good bath soak... So I decided what could be a better blog post than a bath post... This humble box of Dead Sea Genuine Bath Salts has been a go-to bath product when I want to relax down to the core... For the last twelve years I have been repurchasing these Dead Sea bath salts over and over... 

They are really affordable and easily available at Boots... For a few quid you get two sachets each filled with 500 gr of real Dead Sea bath salt, which will give you either four amazingly relaxing baths or few more if you just want to have a light soak... I also love it, because I'm guaranteed to get to a full body relaxation in just twenty minutes, that's the time you should have the bath for, try not to exceed it as you may just fall asleep...

I am one of those people that doesn't relax easily, my mind is on a constant over-drive... So I really have to work on giving myself a proper break, things like yoga, meditation or long baths do the trick... But somehow nothing ever relaxes me as much as the Dead Sea salt bath in such a short time... And when I come out of it I do feel like I need a lie down, and that helps to take your body and mind to an even deeper relaxed state... Apart from being super relaxing, your skin also benefits from the goodness of Dead Sea salt, it's really nourishing!


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