Thursday 17 January 2013

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum Review!

Before I can unwind after what seems like a long day and run a nice bath I decided to share this lovely little product... I've been using this RapidBrow serum for just over two months now... I started on the 12th November when my eyebrows were not in the most amazing shape, with quite a few gaps in them... Especially my left eyebrow has been a bit naughty and just wouldn't grow very well right in the middle, meaning I couldn't get a decent arch... My target was fuller brows, looking more balanced... 

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum promises visible results in 60 days... I started noticing new eyebrow hairs growing roughly after a month, they grew much thicker... I was applying the serum with the brush in the areas which were sparse and also on bare skin where I wanted the hairs to grow to give me the shape I wanted... Both eyebrows are now nicely filled, and look quite defined, I no longer need to define them with a brow pencil, but I still run a little MAC Omega eyeshadow through them just to give them a more groomed appearance... I think this product is fantastic! It can be quite frustrating when your eyebrows have bold patches, or are just generally quite sparse as they do frame the face, so they need to look pretty neat... 

I'm very happy with the result, it requires a little patience, but then you end up with exactly what the product promises: "visibly fuller-looking, thicker-looking and less sparse eyebrows"! My eyebrows started to look fuller after about five weeks, so even under 60 days... You can use this serum twice a day to set your eyebrows when you are doing your make-up as well, but I just used it once when doing my skincare routine before going to bed, it dries pretty fast so it stays on the eyebrows and doesn't go on the pillows... The Hexatein 2 Complex formula is a blend of Peptides, Biotin, Panthenol, Keratin, Apple Fruit Cell and Sweet Almond Extracts, which help to condition and repair the eyebrows...



  1. Oooo this is just what I need!! I've been trying to grow my brows for so long but didn't believe the hype surrounding these serums.
    I think I may have to invest, thank you xxx

  2. I've been using this and was wondering are you supposed to pluck your eyebrows as normal? Mine are looking really crazy atm and I'm finding it difficult to normally fill them in in my make up routine as they look so messy with stray hairs everywhere - would appreciate if you could let me know! Great post btw x

    1. I found it's easier to let them get 'wild' first as the brows start to grow, so around couple of weeks [plucking only those hairs that are growing very much outside the shape] - this way you get the option to grow a wider brow to give it a new shape later, like for instance moving your arch, which is what I did with one of my eyebrows. but generally I have to pluck my eyebrows daily, to keep them in shape getting rid of the random tiny hairs, and I always do it after cleansing my face and before applying make-up, it's a step that I really got used to. Hope this helps! x