Thursday 24 January 2013

OPI Tickle My France-y + GoldenEye Glitter Ombre Nail Look!

OPI Tickle My France-y [L]
OPI mini GoldenEye [R] - from The Bondettes Collection 

Can you see a pattern happening? I'm absolutely loving the glitter ombre nail look at the mo... The nailpolish combination is endless, you can make the same nail polish look new every time just by adding a bit of glitter, but ombre-ing them takes it to a whole new level of awesomeness... Seriously try it if you haven't yet, you will be hooked! Here I have gone for a nude [OPI Tickle My France-y] nail look with a touch of gold [OPI GoldenEye]... For a glitter ombre nail look make sure to use a glitter polish that has a clear base or a glitter topcoat... 

Some of the glitter nail polishes can have a huge amount of glitter particles and some don't have that many, the less glitter there is the easier it is to create a gradual ombre effect... I also like to use a second glitter polish just to blend it, so far I have been using my Rimmel Glitter Topcoat in Disco Gold, which works really well, but I want to try new glitter topcoat and see what else I can find... And of course I always finish my manicure with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Topcoat, which leaves my nails looking professionally done, glossy, neat, and most importantly dries the nail polish really fast!



  1. Beautiful, just beautiful :)
    I'm a sucker for glitter polish too, I'm big into Indie brands at the minute for their crazy glitter polishes. Etsy is a nail polish lovers heaven xxx

    1. Generally I used to stay away from glitters but this winter I've gone glitter mad :)) will look into it! have you tried the OPI Limited Edition Man With The Golden Gun?? In fact I will try to get it today, I think it's absolutely stunning, got particles of gold leaf in it and clear base ahhh too excited!! :)) xxx

    2. Nope I haven't tried that one - I've been eyeing it up for ages though.
      Look up Dollish polish, Pahlish, Hare polish and crows toes, they're just some of the etsy brands that I love xxx

    3. omg! I went to get that gold leaf top coat by OPI [Man With The Golden Gun] on friday, and was ready to insert my card, when I then was told "£29 please!" What???!!!! NO way would I pay 30 quid for a nail polish even when it's real gold :)) I thought it would be maybe around £15, I was ready for that, but definitely not double the price... Was a bit of a shock so went and got something more reasonable: OPI I Juggle... Men :))) What a name! Also a glitter top coat I was eyeing for a while...

      Just had a quick look at those polishes, wow they are glitter galore! :))