Wednesday 23 January 2013

Essie Protein Base Coat Nail Fortifying Base!

A quick post on this baby that helped me to grow nails! End of December my nails started to get quite brittle and just weren't looking too healthy, either the cold, the stress or lack of vitamins must have weakened them... I anyway ran out of my previous nail base and decided to give Essie Protein Base Coat a go! I also probably should add that I have changed my diet since, and been eating a lot healthier and also started taking vitamins to give my immune system a nice boost during this cold winter! So whether it's purely due to the protein in the Essie base coat or a combination of things my nails started to grow really fast... I'd file them down to very short as that's how I like to wear them most of the time and the next thing I know they are long again... 

They still are not in perfect shape, but to be honest during the month of Jan I have been a bit naughty and haven't given myself that many proper manicures... And I find as soon as I let my nails go in terms of stopping painting them or nourishing the cuticle, and generally just give up on them for a week my nails start to split and get brittle... And I did have a couple of weeks like that in Jan... So I am trying to get into the nail routine and making sure to paint my nails as soon as I take the nail polish off or after a day max... But I have been using this base coat for a few weeks now and I do like it, it applies thinly, dries fast to a glossy creamy clear finish and just feels like it does something good to the nails...



  1. Sounds good to me :) I have the weakest nails in the history of the world!!
    I've changed my diet new year too and started exercising more and taking multi vitamins, maybe a dose of this would give my nails the boost they need xxx

    1. God I should really get into exercising too! Just been taking long walks at the Heath, but other than that nada... Hope it will work for you too! xxx