Tuesday 15 January 2013

Today's Beauty Look, Gone French with Ruby Woo!

Somewhere between having Mr Barney snoring on my lap and getting distracted by some major bling sitting on my desk I managed to upload these pics... It's the look I wore today, and although there are a few scars left on my face after the terrible chickenpox out-brake I figured I can continue with my beauty looks as it's not too bad now... I will do a separate post on skincare in the next couple of days to share what I used and still am using to help the scarring go away faster, which would be the same skincare routine I use for acne scars...

I got this cosy thick stripy jumper at Zara yesterday when returning the black velvet skort that I just couldn't get to work on me... Zara is on sale now, so they have great reductions and the jumpers are just fab... I love the baggy cuts... Anyways where I am going with this is that a jumper like this is begging for a red lip, a very French look, classic and cute...

I have enjoyed MAC Ruby Woo lately, a classic matte red lipstick that seems to be flattering on most complexions, that's the thing about MAC, either they have the most unique colours you wouldn't  find anywhere else which are great for editorials or shades that are timeless and amazing on anyone... Speaking of which, I dropped by at MAC counter to check out the latest collection, didn't really like anything... But as it quite often happens, I really loved a blush that the MAC girl was wearing, she had quite tanned olive skin  and her make-up was beautiful... Mostly the girls at MAC are so overdone that the make-up starts to feel rather theatrical and even scary at times when not well executed!

But this girl looked beautiful and the peachy blush she was wearing made her look really radiant and pretty! It ended up being Peaches, she said it's also a colour that seems to work on all complexions... And she was right! I am at my palest now and it still looks awesome, especially with a red lip... I can see this blush looking great throughout the year! Let me know in the commentbox below what your favourite MAC blushes are...

On the eyes I used MAC Paints in Sublime Nature as a base with a touch of MAC Soba eyeshadow, which is a very similar shade to Sublime Nature, a natural warm toned soft brown with a light shimmer... Then I used my beloved Chanel Professional Eyeliner Duo [the matte side] in Noir-Lame... To accentuate my eyes a little I applied Ardell Individual Lashes, just on the ends, about six each side... I started using the Eylure eyelash application tweezers when applying individual lashes, not sure what exactly they are called as I had them for years, but the elongated shape makes it more convenient when it comes to precision... Normal tweezers will do the job just as fine, it's just that I had these hanging around for years so might as well give them some use... And it takes a while to get used to these as you need to press on them to open up, but as you pick up the lash it stays there until you release it into place... Cute lash tool tho...



  1. You look fantastic hunni, given that you've just recovered from chicken pox, I can't even tell :)
    Your jumper is stunning, as is Ruby Woo on you, I'm going to have to dig mine out and have a play xxx

    1. I have so so many reds but Ruby Woo seems to work anytime... I'm seriously addicted to it now... Giving up my smokey eyes in favour of wearing Ruby Woo, looove it!

      Aww thanks :) - exfoliating my face daily, skincare post coming soon! xxx