Monday 28 January 2013

St.Tropez Naturals Radiance Self Tan for Face...

I've been meaning to share this amazing facial self tanner for ages! I had it probably for almost a year and threw away the packaging long time ago, but I do remember something saying it was designed for oily skin... And there is no way I would have purchased any self tan for my oily face unless it stated it was made for it! I haven't used facial self tanners for almost 10 years, back then I quite liked a Dior one, but I think it would have been way too dark for me now, this one by St.Tropez is wonderful! It is very natural, and I never get any marks or uneven patches, and if I want more colour I build it up through a couple more days... And it lasts two or three days on me... Already after the first application I love waking up with a radiant and freshly tanned looking face, that very same feeling when you are on a holiday, with a little colour you suddenly look better...

But the best thing about this Self Tan is that it does not irritate my oily/acne prone skin and it doesn't brake me out, on contrary I have no idea how but it kind of dries out the spots a little just like the sun does, and when I wake up my skin is visibly less oily than usual... So if I have a blemish or two I am still going to be ok using the Self Tan and if anything I find it helps them to clear up faster... It must be something in the ingredients, I don't know... But it is something I have noticed over and over... So I find it quite amazing on all levels... 

Now the way I use it is strictly before bed time after giving myself a nice proper facial cleanse, and that is purely bcs it's a little to shimmery for my liking, the radiance of this product is quite evident and it might be nice as a highlighter under make up, as it is designed to be worn alone or under make-up... It never stains my pillows! And I don't really mind having a pinky pearlescence to my face when I go to bed and have the lights off... The way I apply it is swirling my index finger right to the bottom of the jar as the Self Tan is liquid, then when I pull out the finger whatever stays on it seems to be the exact amount I need to cover my face and neck generously... I make sure I take it right down my neck, onto the ears and hairline and under the eyes... And of course don't forget to wash your hands straight after you are done with application!



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    1. Thank you! I might visit NY this years so could check out your salon! xox

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