Monday 28 January 2013

Chanel Vertigo + OPI Warm & Fozzie Combo!

I was in the mood for some grey, and picked this beautiful Chanel Vertigo from my nail polish collection, it's a grey with red/pink light shimmer [2 coats]... Lately I have been obsessed with glitter ombre effect, but this time I had very little time to make my nails so I decided to only do the accent nail [which also will cut down on the taking-off time later]... For the glitter I used mini OPI Warm & Fozzie from The Muppets Collection [also 2 coats just half of the nail upwards]... It's a metallic with very fine gold/silver/bronze glitter on a clear base... And to create that gradual ombre effect I used the Rimmel Glitter Top Coat in Disco Gold, the glitters are sparse so it's easier to control where you want more or less of them [3 coats starting lower and gradually coming down to the base of the nail-plate]... 



  1. You really are rocking your glitter lately aren't you :)
    I love it, I'm a glitter girl head to toe. I've actually got warm and fozzie on my toes at the minute, it's such a cool shade xxx

    1. Yes! Pretty surprised myself, it looks like I'm having a glitter phase! :)) I think you will like a few of my upcoming glitter nail looks, found a few really fun glitter top coats!! xxx