Thursday 3 January 2013

Glammed-Up NYE Look - Great for Events, Parties, Celebrations!

I'm back, yaay!! I have to say having a bit of a blogging break I really started missing it! So here I am with new products to feature, new ideas to share, and new looks to create... I love the first few days of the new year... Everyone is still very friendly and smiley and relaxed, still within the holidays mode basically.... I love love love this time of the year!! And for some reason this Christmas and New Year Eve I enjoyed even more than the previous years... Oh and it's quite funny how in Hampstead everyone is suddenly running again, I happily will hold on to my holiday calories, thank you very much... They shall keep me warm!

On nye I uploaded a pic of this glam deep red lip with a smokey eye look on Instagram and so here it is! I managed to snap a few pics of the make-up before dressing up as I was in a rush, so here is the make-up look I wore... Starting with the eyes I chose MAC Club eyeshadow... This eyeshadow has been on my MAC desired-list for a while, so I finally got it... Club is a beautiful duo chrome shade, it's a greenish brown metallic... I like duo chrome eyeshadows as it's so easy to create an impact without needing to blend in other colours... 

I also used MAC Texture [a soft warm brown shade] to just blend the edge, which is a very flattering trick I learned to do with any dark brown eyeshadow looks... To create a little more intensity I used Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Noir Intense on my waterline as well as dotting it under the lower lash line and smudging it and also applying it over the upper lash line without winging it out... I love wearing it for events or parties as it says put!

For the lip combo I used three products... First I applied Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Valparaiso [a dark plum], this helps to create a dark base to make the red that goes on top quite deep... For the red I chose Nars in Jungle Red, it's also a matte lipstick but it's in a different packaging as you can see, so I'm not sure if it's just a different type of matte or if it was discontinued as I had it for ages, but it's a blue toned classic red... As they both are matte lipsticks they lasted really long... But I also wanted to have that little bit of something special for nye, so I added a very pretty glitter lipgloss... Clarins Quench Lip Balm in 09 is a super beautiful coral with red and gold shimmers and glitter particles, great to give any red lipstick that extra pizazz,  woohoo!



  1. Awwkkk it's barely past the start of January and I have 2013 lemmings already thanks to you!!
    I need that Chanel liner and the Clarins gloss for sure :)
    I wore Dior Diorling with MAC she zam over the top for new years, it's all about the sparkle isn't it.
    I love you with your hair up too, it really looks great with your bone structure xxx

    1. aww thank you!! :) my hair has been acting really naughty lately, don't know what it is but just can't get it to look good when it's down, kind of all over the place... maybe it's the shampoo I started using - wanted to try something simple, went for the new Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body shampoo.. do you think it's that?! oh yeh Diorling is a gorgeous colour! xx

    2. Could be for sure, my hair cries if I don't use somewhat decent haircare, I'm still using and loving the John Frieda brunette range, it's all good so far with that :)
      I'm really into K-pak, have you tried anything from Joico? xxx

    3. glad you like it! I always have something from the sheer blonde range in my bathtub hair-product corner! haven't tried Joico, will look into it! xxx

  2. Stunning!! Love the lip colour.
    Lovely blog too. :) x