Wednesday 20 March 2013

Dior Healthy Glow Awakening Blush in Rosy Glow!

Dior Backstage Makeup Eyeliner Brush

This was a bit of an unexpected treat! My aunt who is very much into fashion is now getting a few  beauty tips from me, and for an afternoon I became her personal beauty shopper! It was big fun, we went to Harrods and dug through the entire beauty floor, and also the Spa at the 5th floor... As a little thank-you my aunt treated me to a couple of things at the Dior counter... I was super excited as I really wanted this blush for ages just somehow never got it! This blush had a lot of attention from so many beauty gurus and bloggers... And omg I love it dearly!!  No rhyme intended... 

Basically what this blush is famous for is that it was designed with special technology, which enables it to adjust to every skin-tone individually! At first it looks quite bright in the pan, when you swatch it it looks very light almost like a highlighter... But when you apply it then you begin to see the beauty about it! Dior suggests to gently apply one coat and then go over with a second to emphasise the flush of colour... Though bare in mind - it will develop gradually adjusting perfectly to your own skin-tone, so don't apply too much thinking it's looking a touch pale at the beginning! 

Rosy Glow is a super enhancing blush, it illuminates your skin and makes you look a thousand times fresher and prettier!! Especially after it settles it makes my eyes glow as if you just had two days of sleep, the white is highlighted, and blue eyes just pop: it's absolutely incredible! It has become my most favourite blush of all times... Rosy Glow is beautifully scented with a rose fragrance, very mild and chic! And since I was at the Dior counter I also decided to get the Eyeliner Brush, which I had on my wish-list too... It's great for that kind of smudging of an eyeliner or a smokey effect...


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