Friday 1 March 2013

Happy Spring(!) - Pixi Early Bird Morning Light Palette!

There is something uplifting about flipping your calender page to the month of March! It means the spring has begun, and to me even when it's still dull and cold outside you just know that any day now the winter weather will slowly begin to unravel into lovely spring... And what could be a more fitting way to celebrate the beginning of spring than this pretty Pixi Early Bird Morning Light palette! The idea behind it are the natural and luminous colours that give you that fresh face look... 

It opens up like a book, and the packaging is quite pretty and very spring-like! You get three blushes, two bronzers, and a highlighter aside the four eye base powders and 16 eyeshadows! I especially love the peach, pink and plummy cheek colours, they have a satin finish and are great for that luminous youthful fresh-face look... The eyeshadows come in a great range of colours for a barely there look or for a touch more colour, baring in mind that the darker shades don't have a dramatic pigmentation, so they are still perfect for daytime just as a wash of colour... But you could get more pay-off if you apply it over a cream eyeshadow, as on their own they are a little bit on the sheer side, so you have the flexibility to use them either way... 

All the eyeshadows except the matte brown are shimmery, for that fresh glow effect... I did play around with this palette, but I didn't like how the eyeshadows sat on the eye base powder, I felt it made it go on patchy... So I didn't shoot the look, but I will be creating another one just wearing the eyeshadows without the eye base powder... The eye base powders are great on their own though, very pretty and smooth for a nude out-of-bed eye look or as a highlighter on the brow-bone... A pretty neat palette, perfect for spring or anyone who loves the natural luminous face look, which reminds me - one of the beauty SS13 trends is the natural luminous face, barely there colours and lots of highlighting!


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