Friday 22 March 2013

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Range!

In London we are suffering the worst weather in history, in the past few months you can literally count how many sunny days we had... This is so depressing... Anyways with dehydrated just about every single part of the body now also my hair started looking totally dull and flat... The windy weather just makes the roots go greasy very quickly and hair ends up looking terrible... So I realised my hair needs a nice boost! I tried a few products from the Bumble and Bumble Thickening range and really like the texture and volume it creates! 

The Shampoo and Conditioner made my hair look voluminous and shiny... It didn't weight the hair down, leaving it looking fresh and bouncy... Also for extra bit of texture and volume the Thickening Serum is great for thicker and stronger strands - it works over time just like skincare... It's a nightly leave-in treatment, you only need a few pumps - massaging the serum into the roots and through damp or dry hair... Thumbs up!



  1. Love the sound of the nightly leave in treatment :) I love bumble and bumble but haven't tried this range yet xx

    1. I only started using Bumble and Bumble last year, so I'm discovering their haircare products and my hair is definitely loving it! :)) xx