Thursday 7 March 2013

Essie Mint Candy Apple!

This Essie shade is very much cared for and loved by nailpolish addicts all over the globe... I have seen almost every single beauty guru rave so much about this shade... Finally I decided to get it too, and now I understand what the hype is all about, it is a super cute shade! It reminds me of the Tiffany boxes, the colour stands out and almost glows... Essie Mint Candy Apple is very chic! And there is something about the colour that makes it incredibly flattering even on my very pale skin at the moment, it is also supposed to look awesome with a tan! It looks equally great on short or long nails, and by the way I can't believe how much my nails grew this year, I had short nails for years so I am quite enjoying the longer nail look now... 


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