Tuesday 19 March 2013

Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair & Light Reflecting Concealer...

Being totally obsessed with the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and repurchasing it as soon as it runs out, I decided to give these two eye care products a go! My under eye area has been also feeling dehydrated lately with this prolonged winter-weather we have to put up with here in London... I only used the combination of Daily Eye Repair and Light Reflecting Concealer a few times now... But I'm definitely intending to continue using them as they have naturally active ingredients that are great anti-ageing agents such as Echinacea, Borage, and natural Vitamin E... This eye-cream helps to conceal dark circles [although it does not have a tint], visibly soothe fine lines and it also has a SPF10! I do find it more moisturising than some of my other eye creams, but at the same time it's lightweight and doesn't make things slide... 

The Light Reflecting Concealer is also not just a concealer but a combined eye care... Avocado oil helps to keep the under eye area moisturised and nourished, and in terms of the active ingredients they are the same as in the Daily Eye Repair cream... This concealer is meant to be brightening dark circles and also highlight the cheeks and brow bones... As it is matte and doesn't have any illuminating shimmer at all it doesn't seem to do any highlighting on my skin tone, which I don't mind as for me the active ingredients are more significant... Also it has an unusual scent, I'd say pretty natural but quite strong... Naturally active ingredients is what attracts me in Liz Earle skincare and make-up products in first place!


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