Wednesday 6 March 2013

Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Mud Soap!

I was lucky to be invited to the Sensai event a couple of months ago and to be introduced to the new Silky Purifying skincare range as well as their beautiful makeup products, which I will feature separately... The Silky Purifying cleansing skincare rage is very gentle, wonderfully scented and of course free from unnecessary chemicals... While it's cleansing the skin gently it is also caring for it creating that 'silky sensation' without burdening the skin... Koishimaru Silk and Ginseng Extract [moisturising] are the two ingredients used throughout the entire range leaving the skin looking youthful and vibrant... Silky Purifying range is a two step system: Step 1 takes the make up off and Step 2 exfoliates - there are two options for either dehydrated or combo/oily skin types... For normal skin you can just choose what suits you best, either hydrating or balancing... 

I have been trying out the Sensai Mud Soap from this range, and it's highly recommended for combo/oily skin! It's great for balancing the oil levels, leaving the skin feeling clear! It's very gentle so won't aggravate the skin at all... Mud Soap is the Step 2 exfoliator, it can be used as a cleanser or a facial mask... So far I've been using it as a cleanser, it lathers up into silky soft foam and gets rid of excess sebum, which is what causes clogged pores... Aqua-Fit Enzyme is the protein degradation ingredient and Quillai Extract is the silky foam ingredient, the two combined help the skin looking smoother and brighter... Mud masks work by drawing the impurities out, making oily skin break out, but I have been using it as a cleanser so not leaving it longer than a couple of minutes and it seems to declog without getting my skin to break out... And it is the most beautifully scented mud skincare product I have even encountered!


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