Friday 15 March 2013

Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask!

I have really been enjoyed Percy & Reed hair products, so quite a few features to come! This is a great hydrating mask that I like to apply when my hair needs a boost of moisture... It comes with a cute bonnet illustrated by Jessica May Underwood... Firstly you need to massage the mask into your hair from roots to the ends, then wrap the hair up, put the bonnet on and leave it on for a minimum of ten minutes... The bonnet helps to create a warmer environment - higher temperature opens the cuticle allowing the nutrients to penetrate the hair more intensively... All of the Percy & Reed hair products have a great packaging, which I absolutely adore displaying in my bathroom, super creative illustration! And of course this hydrating mask has a sexy scent, which beautifully penetrates your hair leaving it smelling gorgeous for days... A clear case of love!



  1. I really like this mask too, it's. lovely pampering treat :)

    1. I also got their Brilliantly Beautiful Superglossing Hair Mask, have you tried that one? I'll try it this weekend and will report back.. :)) x

  2. Thanks! :) Yep they aren't cheap, but the packaging is awesome too, so makes it worth the money! x