Monday 25 February 2013

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liners!

First of all please ignore my hair and the layered homey outfit, I shot this look when it was super cold at home while my boiler was getting fixed, but I love how the eye look with the Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner came out, so I am sharing it anyway... These three eyeliners in the shade [swatched above top to bottom]: Majestic Plum [a satin plum], Cosmic Brown [a matte dark brown], Smokey Diamond [a glittery gunmetal] - are from the Christmas Gift Set that I featured in my Christmas Gift Guide... 

I have also tried the Smokey Diamond eyeliner, it's lovely and sparkly... There are a few shades to choose from including an emerald and gold for a bit more drama... Glimmerstick Diamonds is the glittery option of the regular Glimmerstick Eye Liner, if you like a sparkle or two you'll love them... The shade I am wearing is the Majestic Plum, very pretty shade indeed, great on blue eyes, but also would look beautiful on brown and green eyes... Texture wise I find them to be an affordable dupe version for my beloved Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliners... They are long lasting and you can either draw a line as I did or smoke it out lightly before it sets...


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