Wednesday 13 February 2013

V-Day Gift Idea: Baylis & Harding Tree of Life Ultimate Spa Set!

When I saw this Baylis & Harding gift set it just made me smile, it's perfect for Valentines! The packaging is so fitting with the red ribbon, the huge box is filled with a white super soft bathrobe and some me-time goodies, what else would you possibly desire as a gal on a loved-up cold winter's evening... The Skin Spa Tree of Life range has a lovely scent of rose, ylang ylang and patchouli, a super girly pungent aroma combo... You get a shower gel, body lotion, and a pack of foot soak crystals... 

Whether you are happily in love or happily single [as it is in my case] on this year's V-Day - if you are a male reading this and can't choose a gift for your sweetheart here is a hint: we girls love this kind of stuff! ;) And if you are a single gal just like myself why not spoil yourself with a well-deserved gorgeous V-Day evening doing all the things we love to do when there are no men present: a nice relaxing bath with a facial, a glass of wine and watch one of your favourite girly films snuggled up on the sofa in this cuddly bathrobe totally undisturbed and guilt-free! I'll tell you what, this is exactly what I will be doing...


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