Thursday 14 February 2013

Berry Tone Trend Inspired Beauty Look with MAC!

It started of as a V-Day inspired look, but since I didn't have time to upload this post earlier we shall think of it as a berry-tone trend inspired look! Usually I like to bring out either eyes or lips but since it was meant to be a look for a special event I decided to create a rather sultry look but keeping it one-tonal... As a base I applied MAC Paint Pot in Idyllic [a metallic plum], and over the top I blended through MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Hot Paprika [a satin peachy/corally cranberry]... I smudged Avon Supershock in Black over the upper lash-line and the lower lash-line... As a mascara I used the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black, which I really like, gives you a great volume but doesn't clump the lashes and comes of easily... And I absolutely adore the packaging of this mascara, sleek and quirky!

And finally two new additions to my MAC collection, which I purchased when I had the V-Day look in mind... The beautiful MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Blush All Day, which is a satin finish and just the most flattering blush which goes with any make-up look! So very happy I got it, along the line with MAC New York Apple, which is a stunning frosty berry shade... When I swatched it at the counter I was amazed that I didn't have it yet... With darker lipsticks you have to take time and either use lip-liners or layer the colour, but New York Apple I just apply haphazardly in seconds and it just looks effortlessly beautiful... I have quite a few lipsticks but this shade has really stood out to me from everything I already have... I highly recommend to check it out!



  1. Hands down the best look I've ever seen on you so far :) Absolutely stunning!!! I have Idyllic but I never wear it, I really should shouldn't I, I want to play more with reddy tones on my eyes.
    You know I own a zillion MAC lipsticks and I don't have New York Apple either *adds to list*
    This look would work lovely with Chanel Illusion d'ombre in Ebloui too, I might try that :) xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much, exactly what I needed to hear after sorting out my leaking boiler... :)) yes it had to happen on a friday eve...
      Btw I was meaning to ask this what are your fav MAC lipstick shades in terms of fun colours... Is there a pink colour called Orchid or smth I think it was featured by Lisa Eldridge as well... xxx

    2. Oh goodness, I own so many flipping MAC shades it's unreal. But if I'm going for fun colours, I'd choose Girl about town, Show Orchid (Pro only, this'll be the Lisa Eldridge one), Impassioned, MAC red or if I'm feeling really brave I'll dig out the Candy yum yum :)
      MAC are brilliant for lipsticks, every shade you can imagine, they have.
      Urrrhhhhhh for leaking boiler, that was a nice start to your weekend, I hope it's all fixed now xxx

    3. Definitely heard of all of them, need to swatch them, and funny enough I held Candy Yum Yum today, it's gorgeous and super bright, but panicked and left it... Maybe one day I'll be brave enough for it too :))

      And yeh, Tuesday the boiler was fixed! Thank god for that! Suddenly something so simple as hot water and heating seems like a blessing :))