Monday 18 February 2013

Lush Massage Bars: Soft Coeur + new Tender Is The Night!

Here are the two new additions of Lush Massage Bars to my already existing ones... I like to display them on a rustic thick ceramic dish, this one is from Zara Home, I got it over the weekend it was an absolute bargain [reduced to £1.99]... The heart on the right is Soft Coeur [also known as The Honeymooner], which has cocoa butter, shea butter and almond oil in it and it's fragranced with Honey I Washed the Kids perfume [toffee scent]... In the middle you get honey and chocolate... You meant to break this massage bar in two halves and melt it with the heat of your palms and then you are ready for a rather sensual massage, anyways you get the idea... They recommend to use a towel underneath as things can get pretty sticky... I personally haven't tried this one yet, keeping it for a special occasion... This massage bar is part of the permanent line so it's available all-year-round...

The heart on the left is Tender Is The Night is the new massage bar that came out for Valentine's... It a similar concept, you can break of pieces or break right through to get to the soft and gooey centre of almond oil, agave syrup, cupuacu and glycerine... The scent is just incredible, vanilla absolute, jasmine and ylang ylang are a rather seductive mixture of aromas... I used a few pieces on my arms and hands and absolutely adored it, leaves the skin decadently smooth and smelling gorgeous... I literally couldn't stop smelling my hands, heavenly! I'm not sure if this one is limited edition but it's definitely available online... Absolutely love it, would highly recommend it as an intense moisturiser or even hand cream!


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