Tuesday 26 February 2013

Dr.Jart+ Regenerating BB [Beauty Balm] SPF 30!

Ladies with combo/oily skin type we are onto something here! My skin type goes from very oily during summer to combo/oily in winter and having tried a few BB creams this one I absolutely adore! It's got a great coverage and gives you a very sexy skin finish, it's dewy but not too glowy... The way I use it is by applying it with a Sigma Round Kabuki F82 or RealTechniques Expert Face Brush, blending it in very thoroughly as it is quite thick in consistency... At first it appears very glowy, then I either leave it for 5-10 mins to settle while I do my eye make-up or if I don't have the time then I simply blot the T-zone... 

Next I take my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF15 in Rich Vanilla and lightly blend it all over the face to finish off, that takes off any left excess shine or glow but still leaves a healthy dewy finish... If you have combo/oily skin type mineral foundation is a must have! I can't bare a totally matte finish on my face, it just doesn't look healthy or natural, and so whichever foundation I go for be it matte or dewy Laura Mercier Mineral Powder just gives the perfect finish and also makes it last a lot longer, I basically use it in place of regular powder, which quite often can be too heavy and well powdery... When I combine this beautiful Dr.Jart+ BB cream with Laura Mercier Mineral Powder I feel like I enter the foundation-heaven! 

I totally swear by Japanese skincare, they seem to take it very seriously in terms of what goes into the products, the ingredients, the process, it's all pure science... And so is this gorgeous Beauty Balm pretty much a scientific creating in a tube, a multi-action skincare combined with make-up! It moisturises, protects and corrects... The treatment serum promotes Cell Regeneration by helping to eliminate age spots and blemishes... So it does not only conceal them but it actually treats them as well! I also love the fact that the SPF 30 is so high, which means while it's working to give you that sexy natural, smooth and perfect skin it also protects from future damage! I am so happy to have found such an amazing skincare product!


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