Sunday 17 February 2013

Smashbox Photo OP Eye Shadow Palette in Smokebox...

A while ago I watched a youtube beauty guru use a beautiful dark blue eyeshadow, which was from this palette... I knew I had this palette but I couldn't find looking through my beauty collection for days... As I was about to give up thinking I must have given it away to someone, there it was pushed in the back of a drawer! Although I love the dark blue smokey eye look on other girls I just cant get it to work on me, but I'll try again and see how it goes... I must have forgotten about the palette after misplacing it, but it does have beautiful eyeshadow shades... The way the eyeshadows look in the pan is different to how they look when you swatch them... Just like with that dark blue, it the pan it looks like a basic almost matte dark blue but when the girl swatched it was a wow moment, it's a super intense stunning satin dark blue with sophisticated shimmer...

For the look that I'm wearing I used the taupe metallic [top middle] all over the lid and then to create a smoky eye I also used the Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense, smudging it together with the eyeshadow under the lower lash line... Although there is a bit of fall-out, the Smashbox eyeshadows have a great pay-off and blend beautifully... On the lips I applied Topshop Lipstick in Rumour Has It, which is my current favourite nude... Rumour Has It is a toffee nude with a flattering hint of colour and a little warm shimmer!



  1. You just rock the smokey eyes don't you!!! :)
    I usually reach for my Urban Decay Black palette when I'm doing a smokey eye, they all look so dark in the palette, but used over a base, they really come to life on your eyes xxx

    1. Nice! Btw I still don't own the classic Urban Decay nudes palette... Keep thinking I should get it... xxx

    2. I don't own either of the naked palettes either - I've got the MUA Undressed and Undress me too palettes, they're £4 each and pretty much spot on dupes for the Urban Decay. Plus the shadows are smooth, buttery and pigmented to boot :) xxx

    3. Hmm I think I had something by MUA, will need to have a look, but definitely rings a bell... xxx