Tuesday 5 February 2013

OPI Pink Yet Lavender + Panda-Monium Pink Combo!

As my glitter obsession continues, here is another fun ombre look! OPI Pink Yet Lavender is such a fun and pretty glitter nail polish, it's from the Mariah Carey Collection, which means it's Limited Edition, so get it before it goes... It's a glitter topcoat, with a clear base and large light pink glitter particles with tiny holographic glitters, which is perfect for the glitter ombre look! I have already featured it in my OPI Pink Yet Lavender + Russian Navy Combo! - click on it to see a dark blue with glitter ombre nail look! OPI Panda-Monium Pink is a pretty pastel lilac, which in fact was my first ever OPI nail polish, I got it as a little present when doing a fashion internship a good four years ago... So it has a bit of a history... Et voilĂ !



  1. Oooo I love that pink yet lavender polish, beautiful. I need to invest in some more of the Mariah polishes before they disappear, they're all so pretty!!

    1. yep, it is super pretty, hard to catch that prettiness on camera tho, did the two looks and still didn't come out as pretty as it is in life... when you'll see the bottle, it's like crashed diamonds, sparkle heaven! :) xxx