Sunday 25 November 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Festive Shimmery Eye Look with a Bright Orange Lip!

When it comes to deciding what festive make-up look you might be wearing shimmers & sparkles is naturally the first thing that comes to mind! I always associate shimmers with celebration and fun time - Christmas parties are made for a bit of sparkle... There are lots and lots of glittery and shimmery pigments and eyeshadows out there, so there is lots to chose from... Personally, I love a bit of sparkle generally during the festive season, but I like to keep it chic nonetheless... 

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows are fantastic for exactly that! They are iridescent and luminous cream eyeshadows with a light mouse-like texture, which are packed with gold, bronze and platinum reflecting particles... Very glamorous and decadent! I decided to go for a burgundy shimmery eye and bright orange lip, as I find they work beautifully together making a fabulous statement yet looking modern and fresh... The shade I have used is the 86 Ebloui, a beautiful burgundy with cranberry undertones... 

I kept this look as simple as possible, which Chanel Illusion D'Ombre is just perfect for... From all the cream eyeshadows I have ever tried I find this one is the easiest to work with... These eyeshadows come with a foldable little brush, which is pretty good quality and that's what I always use with it... You can also use a kohl pencil just in the waterline to made the look a little more dramatic... And as for the lip I didn't use any lipliners, just applied MAC Morange straight from the bullet... It's a recent addition to my MAC lipstick collection and I love it! It's an Amplified finish, which basically means it's creamy, shiny, and jam packed with colour! Morange is a super bright, almost glowing orange, incredibly flattering on most skin tones!



  1. Oooooo *puts Ebloui on wishlist* I have Epatant and Fantasme and I adore both but this cranberry shade is just beautiful for this time of year too.
    You're making me want far too many things lol :) xx

    1. I love the black one as well, need to also put it on my wish list! :) xx

    2. Yup I've just ordered Mirifique and Ebloui, I couldn't resist what with Debenhams having 10% off, free delivery and 500 free beauty points on a £40 spend - I'm a sucker for offers :) xx

    3. Oh that's a great offer! Hope you'll enjoy Ebloui as much as I do! xx