Thursday 22 November 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Estee Lauder Christmas Event!

The new Estee Lauder fragrance Very Estee is quite floral and sophisticated -
Gardenia, Jasmine and Cassis are some of the top notes...

Launching in January! The pastel collection is amazing!

Also launching in the new year are the new re-formulated Cream Eyeshadows, in stunning eight shades!

Elegant canapés in true Estee Lauder fashion...

...more canapés!

...while waiting for my turn to get nails painted!

A wide selection of beautiful a/w colours from the Beyond Black and Metal Mania Collection, 
as well as the fabulous five red shades from the Red Hautes Collection... 
As I was wearing a navy military jack I decided dark blue nails were an order, and went for the Blue Blood!

In the Estee Lauder Christmas goodie bag I found a fantastical cracker, 
which I'll try hard not to open till Christmas!

As well as these two stunning red shades from the Christmas Red Hautes Collection,
Left - Beautiful Liar; Right - Fallen Angel
...the brightest and the darkest shades of the collection...

First of all apologies for the mishmash of picture quality and style... I forgot my camera so had to take pictures with my BlackBerry, and use some images from the Estee Lauder event photographer... Last week I went to the Estee Lauder Christmas Event where I got a sneak preview of some pretty fabulous things that have just launched for Christmas and those that are coming soon! Lots of beautiful gift sets, including the new fragrance Very Estee, it's sensual but without being too intense... But my personal favourites, which I am super excited about will be launched in the New Year... 

Estee Lauder is coming out with the stunning new re-formulated cream eyeshadows, the shades and textures are beautiful! And being a total nail lacquer addict I was glued to the presentation stand with the pastel collection of six fun shades, also coming out in January! Speaking of which, for Christmas Estee Lauder has launched the beautiful Red Hautes Collection with five saturated and rich high gloss red tones... This Collection is inspired by glamour and romance encapsulated by red - "capturing the shade's undeniable naughty and playful sex-appeal." Love, love, love!


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