Monday 26 November 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Elemis Energising Treasure Gift Set!

OK, I was going to start featuring my favourite gift sets in a weeks time but I cannot resist any longer! I will start with this beautiful Elemis Energising Treasure Face and Bodycare gift box... It comes in a very festive red box, inspired by the royal icons of our time, very patriotic! This might be embarrassing, but I have to admit I though Elemis was a French brand, it is British in fact, shh!! I always associated good skincare with French brands, so no wonder... Recently I got into Elemis skincare discovering a couple of amazing products, including the Papaya Enzyme Peel... I really love their scientific approach to skincare, the ingredients they use, the scents of their products, and the packaging is always sleek and stylish... 

This gift set is perfect for getting to know some of their great products... This set includes two skincare products: Maximum Moisture Day Cream and Maximum Replenish Night Cream with adaptive technology that adjusts to the skin's individual needs - sounds very intriguing, I am excited to try it out, will keep you updated... Also including two bodycare products: Hand and Body Wash and Hand and Body Lotion with Lime and Ginger scent... I have tried the lotion already, it's really moisturising and sinks right into your skin not leaving any residue, making the skin feel incredibly smooth... I absolutely love the Lime and Ginger scent, it really picks you up, a perfect energising wintery scent... The scent reminds me on my best spa treatments, very luxurious and elegant, it has that masculine sexy hint, which I just adore!


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