Friday 2 November 2012

Not a Saint or How to Wear Colour in Fall...

We have entered the last month of Fall... Fact... I have been wearing black for weeks... Fact... These colourful plasters are cool... Not a fact... [Btw I'm not sure if these are charity related, but on the side of the pack it says "Fashion Against Aids"]... Channeling M.J. plastered phalanges look is what came to mind when I saw the pack, although I'm sure his was more for a medical related reason than a trend-setting one... I am certainly not a fashion saint, because there is just one and only - Mr Karl Lagerfeld, but I do think it's a fun way to bring an accent of colour or pattern  to your autumnal non exciting look... It kind of feels wrong to pull out neons right now, although I saw the funnest pair of neon mittens, which would be perfect for a snowed in London to go with my white ski jacket... But that's in winter, until then no neons!

Luckily there are statement colours that look beautiful up against the golden, yellow, and red tones of the autumn... Autumnal colours that clash but still stay in the same warm scheme like this emerald green skirt, can infuse any dark outfit with a nice spark but still keeping it sophisticated... The skirt as well as the plasters are from H&M... Sometimes they come out with something that is high quality and with a super small price tag, so much so that it just makes your day! I mean this skirt could be easily hanging off the Whistles rack for x7 the price... And that is how I broke my black pattern... Black boots & tights I am keeping though, no-one will take me out of those!


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