Friday 30 November 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Espa Winter Spice Candle!

Espa Winter Spice Candle comes with its very own pedestal,  which I only discovered as I was about to throw out the box...  
The stand is made out of dark wood, very elegant and sophisticated!

Out of all candles I have sniffed through this month, Espa Winter Spice Candle is hands down my favourite winter candle... It literally smells of Christmas! The scent fills the room with a classic Christmas market spirit and scent, a delicious mix of the sweets, the mulled wine, spices... Winter Spice is their signature fragrance, infused with rich warm aroma... On a cold crisp evening, having a cosy night in cuddled up watching an old movie with this candle burning is just perfection.... It comes in an elegant and sleek box, the candle itself is in a chocolate brown matte glass pot, which is very Japanese in its style... And I will keep the glass pot after it's empty and use for something else, maybe for a dried roses arrangement... It couldn't be a better night to burn this exquisite candle as it is absolutely freezing tonight in London and it might even snow, a cup of hot chocolate is an order! 


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