Tuesday 13 November 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Phyto Secret de Nuit...

Phyto Secret de Nuit is a great way to get your dry ends in a better shape to let your hair down in time for Christmas and New Years, that is my aim anyway! It's a moisturiser for your hair, just like a rich moisturising night cream for your face you apply it before going to bed... Here is an interesting fact for you - in 1968 Phyto invented the first daily hydrating cream for hair the Phyto 7, and this year they launched Secret de Nuit... You only need a pea sized amount of this night cream for your hair to apply on your ends, depending how dry your hair is you can apply more... But the great thing is that it's an over-night leave-in product and doesn't need to be washed out in the morning, it's lightweight and doesn't leave a residue... I apply it on the ends when my hair is still towel-dried after washing it, but it can also be applied on dry hair between washes...  

Secret de Nuit works over night regenerating dry hair while you are catching up on your beauty sleep... And when you wake up your the ends of your hair will feel softer and hydrated... It's silicone and paraben free, filled with 92 percent of botanical and natural origin ingredients, so it's quite a special hair product that will be very nice to your hair! It has Macademia oil, Ceramides, Essential Fatty Acids and Milk Thistle fruit extract to regenerate the hair... And Black Orchid extract and Grape seed polyphenols are the antioxidants that help the hair to detox... I also love the packaging, it looks like a luxurious skin care serum bottle... And although it's pricey it is worth it in my opinion and it would definitely make a neat gift for the loved ones or for yourself!


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