Sunday 25 November 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Festive Sparkles with Butter London Lips & Tips!

Wearing my Beast necklace... 
I can throw on any old top with it, the Beast just transforms any casual outfit into something chic and eclectic... 
Designed, made, worn and  loved by moi... 
The initial inspiration came from Japanese cartoon monsters and cats, scary... Ha ha!

Butter London Rosie Lee...

Festive nail look: OPI Russian Navy and Butter London Rosie Lee on accent nails...

Perfect glittering duo gift set - matching nail polish and lipgloss in the shade Rosie Lee...
Available at Harvey Nichols and

Butter London has great little gift sets this year for Christmas! I particularly love this matching Lips & Tips combo in Rosie Lee, a pinky/plummy shade... The nail polishes from the Christmas 2012 Collection are inspired by jewelled collars, sequins, metallic embellishments and all things sparkly seen at Fashion Week... The Rosie Lee nail polish is a beautiful glitter with a clear base so it's perfect for using on top of any of your nail polishes... I love it on the accent nails as you can see in the images... It is always hard to capture glitters as they are so reflective, but these look a lot more sparkly in real life... They literally look like pink diamonds sprinkled over the nails, absolutely beautiful... A little tip, always finish your nails with a top coat for extra shine and to make the glitter sparkle to the max...

The nail look I went for is an intense dark blue with duo chrome fuchsia shimmer, which makes it look violet [OPI Russian Navy is one of my favourite shades for winter] with the Butter London Rosie Lee on the accent nails... This combo looks incredibly chic and festive! In the images I am also wearing the lipgloss, it doesn't have any harsh glitters in it, nonetheless it is also very sparkly and shiny! I love the shade it's a plummy pink packed with multicolour shimmer... When it's on it look like a flush of wintery pink, very flattering! Oh and the scent is amazing, it smells of strawberries and cream, delicious...



  1. That's a fabulous nail combo, I really really love it.
    Not half as much as I love that necklace though, you made it yourself? Are you considering selling them, or is it just a hobby for yourself?

    1. Thanks Wendy, I got to say this nail combo is one of my favourites so far.. And I love how Russian Navy doesn't chip on me for days and no tip wear either, third day it's on now and still looking perfect!

      And yes I will be putting up an online store in the near future, hoping to do this before Christmas or very least New Year, depending on when I finish the necklaces, got a few in the works... Mostly they will be black but also a few colour options.. xx

    2. Black is good, goes with everything :) I can't wait to see this up and running, good for you doing something you love.
      I love OPI polishes in general for their staying power, I'm redoing my nails tonight, I'll have to have a play and see what festive combo I can come up with :) xx

    3. Do let me know if you come up with any fun festive nail combos.. I see really cool nail designs on youtube all the time, I should try something a little more complicated, maybe drawing some patterns or something like that, if I find a spare 30 mins... :) xx