Sunday 8 July 2012

Duo Chrome Smokey Eye...

I prefer thinking of this look as a summer evening smoky eye simply because it has more colour than I'd usually wear... For eyeshadow I used MAC Blue Brown Pigment, which is a sultry duo chrome that goes from red chocolaty brown to a blue/green teal, absolutely stunning eyeshadow [Donna if you are reading this, thank you so much for pressing it for me!]... I only wore it once before and it was during winter, back then I felt it was too much for me... But now that it's summer this pretty special duo chrome looks beatiful on... This eye look gives you that wet eye look because of the duo chrome and I absolutely love it... To finish this look apply lots of mascara and black kohl in the waterline for that extra magnifique touch...



  1. Love this pigment, I am definitely going to have to get it after seeing this!
    Love your blog, now following :)
    Jess xo

    1. Hey Jess, thanks! I recently did a smokey eye with MAC Club Eyeshadow which is really similar -

      Alyona xx